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California's Most Influential People in Occupational Safety and Heath

Small COR logoFrom regulators to researchers, here is Cal-OSHA Reporter's list of many of the leading lights in California occupational safety and health. This compilation is by no means comprehensive and we'll be adding Most Influential names as time goes by.




Christine Baker -small
Christine Baker

Marty Morgenstern
Marty Morgenstern

Ellen Widess - small
Ellen Widess

Heza SM
Vicky Heza 

Amy Martin sm
Amy Martin 

Deborah Gold small
Deborah Gold 

Steve Hart small
Steve Hart

Clyde Trombettas small
Clyde Trombettas 

Art Carter small
Art Carter 

John MacLeod small
John MacLeod 

Guy Prescott small
Guy Prescott 

Marley Hart small
Marley Hart

Chris Lee Small
Chris Lee

Ken Atha small
Ken Atha





Ben Ebbink small
Ben Ebbink

gideon baum small
Gideon Baum

Alma Perez small
Alma Perez  




Bruce Wick small
Bruce Wick 

Dan Leacox small
Dan Leacox 




Kevin Bland small
Kevin Bland 

Fred Walter small
Fred Walter 

Judith F
Judith Freyman 

Elizabeth Treanor small
Elizabeth Treanor 



Amy Wolff small
Amy Wolfe 

Kate Smiley small
Kate Smiley 

Marti Fisher small
Marti Fisher




Fran Schreiberg small
Fran Schreiberg 

Jeremy Smith small
Jeremy Smith 





John Howard small
Dr. John Howard 

Paul Leigh small
Dr. J. Paul Leigh 


Industrial Hygienists


Ron Owen small
Ron Owen 

Mike Kelly small
Mike Kelly 

Howard Spielman small
Howard Spielman 

Safety Consultants

Bob Downey small
Bob Downey 

Hector Escarcega small
Hector Escarcega 

Safety Managers

Ron Shanoian small
Ronald Shanoian 

Walter Gonzalez small
Walter Gonzalez 

Wendy Holt
Wendy Holt 






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