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Cal-OSHA Reporter Supports CommunityOut of Work? Free Offer

Since 1973, Cal-OSHA Reporter has been a friend and partner to California’s occupational safety and health community. Through good times and bad, from natural disasters to Cal/OSHA “disengagement,” it has provided important information to the community.

Now that California is feeling the full force of economic disaster, we want to support our friends in California chapters of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) who have been laid off or who have been part of a reduction in force. An estimated 15% of California safety personel have lost their jobs.

Unsung Heros Of Industry

“A huge number of employers reduce safety staff in difficult times. We understand that the men and women of safety are the unsung heros of industry,” says Dale Debber, publisher. “We will continue to support the members of this community who have so loyally supported us all these years. Although times are tough for us, too, we think this is one way we can help to keep our unemployed community ready to come back,” he said.

Accordingly, Cal-OSHA Reporter will provide a free Premium Content subscription to out-of-work safety and industrial health people. We will deliver our weekly news to personal email addresses. If you have a friend, colleague or former co-worker in this situation, by all means let him/her know about this offer.


To take advantage of this offer, you must send us an email, with the following requirements:

  • You are a California resident and member of either ASSE or AIHA.
  • Tell us where you were last employed.
  • Tell us when you were laid off or “riffed.”
  • Show that you are not earning money currently in the occupational safety and health profession.
  • Recertify your employment status with us every 90 days.

To participate in this program, email helpdesk@cal-osha.com.


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