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Mike Kelly

Environmental Health & Safety Lead for Monsanto-Calgene at Davis

Mike Kelly

His company has been a Cal/VPP member for almost a decade, thanks in large part to his leadership. He also helps spread the safety word through VPP's Special Team Member program.

Resume: As lead, he is responsible for oversight of health, safety and environmental programs, and led the site effort to obtain a Cal/OSHA Star under the Voluntary Protection Program, and is currently assisting OSHA with VPP STAR site re-evaluations and mentoring projects. He was Monsanto-Calgene’s health and safety specialist from 1995-2001, and technician for Calgene from 1992-1995, where he headed site safety, ergonomics, radiation and emergency response.

Schools:  He received his B.S. in biology at California State University, Sacramento.

Certifications/Designations:  He holds a Hazardous Materials Management Certificate, UC Davis Extension.

Awards:  He received the 2004 Cal/VPP Outstanding Contribution Award and 2007 award as “Best Special Team Member” by Cal/OSHA VPP. The Davis site received the Sacramento Safety Center’s Chairman’s Award of Merit for “Excellence in Safety.” The Davis campus also received recognition in 2003, 2007 and 2010 CalVPP STAR Status Recertification. In 2003, 2005 and 2009, the Davis Campus received the Monsanto Global Safety & Health Site Award. In 2008 and 2007, the campus also received the Monsanto Global Safety & Health Project Award for the Biotechnology Safety Team. The campus was honored in 2004 for innovative ergonomic advancements in biotechnology, with the Monsanto Global Safety and Health Project Award. In 2003, the Davis site received the Monsanto STAR, and in 2001 it was recognized for the Monsanto Global Award for safety and environmental benefits of the greenhouse pest management program.

Favorite Book:  “Sibley Guide to Birds”


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