Reality Begins Its Return…

Cal/OSHA – Masks Finally Come Off

The workplace masks are coming off indoors, as the Cal/OSHA Standards Board votes on an emergency standard version that actually sticks. Here are the changes.

Consuming Question on Hospital PPE: Here’s Cal/OSHA’s Answer

What's the definition of “normal consumption” when it comes to respirators and other PPE in hospitals? A state law requires a benchmark, and Cal/OSHA has published one in a proposed emergency regulation. But how do California hospitals feel about new rules?

Settlements See Fractions Paid

Cal/OSHA proposed substantial penalties when citing these employers in fatal and serious injury incidents. But how much did they have to pay when all was said and done?

Workplace Fatality Update

There are 10 new workplace deaths in California, two of them from COVID

COVID Regulations To Get New Revisions

Another marathon Cal/OSHA meeting means more changes are coming to the controversial COVID emergency standard. What does this mean for the masking question?
Legislative Update

Cal/OSHA Bills Advance

Occupational safety and health legislation is getting closer to passage in the California statehouse. Employers are worried. Click here to see what they’re worried about.

Technical Diving Reg Approved

OAL signs off on official recognition of “technical” diving after Cal/OSHA navigated Fed-OSHA objections. Here are the revisions and when it becomes effective.

Workplace Fatality Update

There are five new workplace fatalities – only one new COVID case. The pandemic fatality occurred at El Proyecto Del Barrio, a community healthcare center in the Los Angeles Area. … Read More »

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Standards Board Drama

After six hours of often emotional testimony by stakeholders, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board rejects DOSH-proposed revisions to the COVID emergency standard. But better revisions could take a while.

‘An Event Like This Could End a Company’

The mass shooting at San Jose's Valley Transportation Agency is one of many such events at California workplaces in recent decades. Here's how one expert says employers should work to prevent, and if necessary, respond to these incidents.

Listen to the Experts

By: Mark Webb
The revised emergency standard on COVID protections requires employers to include information on the fact that COVID vaccines are effective. But guest commenter Mark Webb explains why such a statement doesn’t tell the whole story.

Parker Grilled by Senate Committee

In his first confirmation test as the nominee for Fed-OSHA administrator, Doug Parker fends off criticism of Cal/OSHA's response to the COVID pandemic.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest incidents under investigation include two new COVID deaths.

Candid COVID Comments Ahead of June ETS Vote

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board will hold an emergency vote soon on new revisions to its COVID standard to rec-ognize new guidance on vaccinated employees. Here's what key stakeholders have to say about this development.

Back to the Future on Cranes

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board wants to put all crane standards in one place – as it was until about a decade ago. But this “non-substantive” proposal is drawing some substantial stakeholder comments.