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Danger Warning on Face Masks: Graphene

Health Canada finds that nanomaterial-containing face masks could pose a pulmonary threat. Here's what we know so far.

Next DOSH Chief a Crucial Pick

By: Kevin Thompson
Doug Parker is headed to Washington, D.C., to become Fed-OSHA chief. But another nominee – the next Cal/OSHA chief – looms big in the Golden State. Here's why it's so important.

Bill to Expand Cal/OSHA Powers

SB 606 would give Cal/OSHA the ability to enforce against so-called “egregious” employers. But the bill would do much more than that.

New DOSH Chief Counsel Named

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health has a new top attorney. Click here to see who it is and where she's coming from.

Fatality Case Settlements

When Cal/OSHA cites employers, the cases most often go to settlement talks. Here are the results of five fatality cases after negotiations.

Standards Board to Lift Construction Crane Rules into GISO

It's a huge regulatory proposal by Cal/OSHA, but it doesn't add new requirements and isn't estimated to cost any-thing. So what is behind the years-long effort to overhaul regulations for cranes and derricks in construction?

Exempt Cal/OSHA Regs from SRIAs?

There's no doubt that Standard Regulatory Impact Assessments have significantly slowed down the Cal/OSHA reg-ulatory process. But is that a good or a bad thing? A Southern California legislator says it's the latter, and here's what she proposes to do about it.

Paying Attention to Distracted Driving

New software gives employers a new tool to keep employees' minds on the road and on task. Here's how one Cali-fornia construction company successfully implemented this app.

Petitions Seek to Update Old Cal/OSHA Requirements

The oldest gold mine still operating in the United States sees a future for the industry in California. But a Cal/OSHA requirement related to air supply has the operation hitting a snag. Here's how a petition from the compa-ny would fix the problem. Plus, a personnel hoist expert says another regulation could be dangerously outdated.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest cases under investigation by Cal/OSHA, including a declining number of COVID cases.

DOSH Issues First Wildfire Smoke Citation

A Central Valley labor contractor is the first employer to be cited under Cal/OSHA's wildfire smoke protection standard. Here's where the agency says the employer went wrong.

Advance Notice of Cal/OSHA Inspections?

A new bill in the California Legislature would allow notices in certain circumstances to facilitate inspections and prevent employers from “hiding” hazards. But could the bill also help employers?

Pandemic Inspection Stats

Cal/OSHA investigations were up in the first half of 2020, while in-person inspections were way down. Here’s the metrics.

Variance Keeps the Pressure Off Employees

A Los Angeles project's huge tunnel boring machines need maintenance and inspection, but also needs to keep the tunnel face pressurized. Here's how the construction company and Cal/OSHA have worked out procedures to keep these employees safe.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest fatalities under investigation by Cal/OSHA include five COVID deaths.