Stakeholders React to COVID ETS Revisions

Cal/OSHA is proposing to revise its emergency COVID regulation, partly in response to stakeholder comments, partly in response to facts on the ground. But how does the proposal play with stakeholders?
Not the first injury for the same conditions…

Charges in Beekeeper’s Death

An employee makes a mistake and tragically is crushed to death. So why are the company owner and his son facing criminal charges in the case? Click here to find out.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA, including new COVID cases.

Settlements Close Serious Cases

Here is how several cases involving fatalities and serious injuries were resolved after Cal/OSHA and the employers sat down and talked.
Lessons for Heat Illness Prevention…

Preparing for a Hot Summer

As the weather heats up, so does Cal/OSHA efforts to reinforce its message about heat illness prevention. Here are some useful lessons from 2020, which saw the most heat-related workplace fatalities in many years.

UPS Settles Heat Illness Cases

Illnesses and complaints trigger Cal/OSHA inspections at United Parcel Service facilities throughout California. Here's the result of the cases and some lessons for delivery drivers.

Stand-Downs Reinforce Safety Message

Safety events around the state this week are meant to remind employees that safety is an everyday affair.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest workplace incidents include four more COVID deaths, plus a fatal fall and crushing.

FDA Recommendation on Respirator Reuse

It's no longer necessary to decontaminate and reuse N95s, the federal Food and Drug Administration says. Here's why.

Workplace Fatality Update

There is good news on the COVIDS front – California cases are way down. But other fatality causes continue to take their toll.

ETA on Fed-OSHA COVID Emergency Standard?

The Feds have sent their version of a COVID regulation – or regulations – to the Office of Management and Budg-et. But when might we see the results?

Compressor Explosion Citations

A Lincoln employer faces a potential six-figure penalty from Cal/OSHA after a deadly 2020 explosion involving an air compressor.

BOI’s 2020 Report

Cal/OSHA's bureau that recommends potential safety prosecutions more than doubled its the cases it set for investi-gation in 2020. But how many actual are being investigated?

Stakeholders Press Cal/OSHA on COVID Revisions

With a California reopening in the near future, and new federal COVID guidelines in place, stakeholders are wonder-ing when we will see much-anticipated revisions to the Cal/OSHA COVID emergency standard. Here's what the agency says.

More Wildfire Citations

Cal/OSHA has issued its second set of citations for violations of the wildfire smoke protection standard. Here's what the agency says the employer failed to do.