DOSH Adopts Federal Respirator Guidance

With a severe shortage of respirators for healthcare in the COVID fight, here are Cal/OSHA's ideas on what to use instead, and how to make supplies last.

Last Month for 300A Reporting

April is the third and final month employers must post their summary of workplace injuries and illnesses for the previous year. But how does the coronavirus crisis and widespread workplace shutdowns affect this requirement?


One federal entity is taking another to court over a worker's termination following an injury. Here's the story.

State Fund Planning New Safety Incentives for Employers

Fresh from the success of a safety program targeting the roofing industry, the insurer plans to expand its efforts to promote safety throughout industry.

Dockworker Killed in Fall

Here's the latest fatality under investigation by Cal/OSHA.
Wildfire Smoke Emergency Rule Readopted

Delay Respirator Enforcement?

The coronavirus pandemic response demands respirators, but so does California's wildfire smoke protection regulation. Employers are calling on Cal/OSHA to rethink it's priorities in the wake of the outbreak.

Cal/OSHA and the Quarantine

How has the statewide shelter-in-place affected the operations of the three branches of Cal/OSHA?

Tele-Hearing on Personnel Hoists

What difference can 24 feet make? Ironworker representatives press for a Cal/OSHA revision on when construction personnel hoists must be installed, while industry asks for a little leeway.

Construction Seeks Cal/OSHA Clarification on COVID Reporting

Construction has been exempted from the state's shelter-in-place order. Now it wants clarification from Cal/OSHA about when they need to report coronavirus infections.

Weekly Fatality Update

Here are the cases Cal/OSHA is working on this week.

What Should Be In Your Telecommuting Policy?

Working at home is now a large component of the California workforce, with millions sheltered in place to combat coronavirus. Here are some key components of a telecommuting policy.

Serious Cites, Cal/OSHA Settlements

Here's what happened to Division of Occupational Safety and Health citations in several fatality and serious-injury cases during recent settlement talks.

Tree Worker Killed

Here's the latest Cal/OSHA fatality investigation.

Safe Mail & Package Handling

Authorities say COVID-19 might be spread through the mail, but with this virus, who knows? Here are some safety procedures for mail and packages including the ones we use.

Is Homeowner Citable for Tree Trimming Incident?

The owner of a rental home was cited by Cal/OSHA after an injury to an unlicensed contractor. What happened when the homeowner fought back? Click here to find out…