Preparing for New Broader Enforcement

A new law hits California employers hard and gives Cal/OSHA substantially increased enforcement and penalty powers. It’s not too early to prepare. Premium subscribers can find out exactly what they’re doing and what experts think. Click here.
Standards Board’s Manieri Retires

Real-World Experience to Rulemaking

Cal/OSHA’s Mike Manieri is saying goodbye to the Standards Board after nearly 40 years. He says it was his private-industry experience that has informed his public service. His history is intertwined with that of Cal/OSHA. This is an interesting look back at Cal/OSHA and Mike’s career.

Settlements in Safety & Health Cases

It’s not just fatalities that trigger sizable Cal/OSHA citations and proposed penalties. Here are more cases that re-cently settled.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest workplace fatalities under Cal/OSHA investigation, including COVID deaths.

COVID – IIPP Cases Coming to Fore

Many stakeholders see Cal/OSHA’s IIPP standard as preferrable for regulating COVID hazards, instead of the controversial emergency temporary standard. Now, COVID related cases filed under the IIPP standard before the ETS are starting to get adjudicated, and the applicability of the 30-year-old regulation will be determined. Here’s how it’s fared so far.

Standards Board Cancels In-Person Meeting –– Teleconference Only

It was going to be the first in-person meeting of Cal/OSHA’s rulemaking body in more than a year and a half. But that changed. Here’s why and what happens instead.

Fatality Settlements

Here’s how five recent fatality cases turned out after Cal/OSHA and the employers sat down in settlement talks.

Workplace Fatality Update

Investigations are underway into new California workplace incidents. The good news? COVID-related fatalities are sharply down.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest report includes 15 workplace-related COVID fatalities and five other incidents.

Violence at State Hospitals

California’s state hospitals have so many violent incidents that they are seeking a permanent variance from Cal/OSHA’s reporting requirements. Here’s how the Standards Board has responded to the request.

2021 Fed-OSHA Harwood Grants

Following Fed-OSHA’s announcement of infectious disease training grants, the agency announces the recipients of its annual safety training funding. Here are the California organizations receiving grants, among the 93 nationwide.

Governor Signs Safety Legislation

As the legislative season ends, Gavin Newsom signs four bills affecting occupational safety and health. Click here to see what they are and what they will mean for employers.

Permanent COVID Standard by Spring?

DOSH’s announcement of draft language for a potentially permanent COVID regulation raises a number of ques-tions. An advisory committee meeting provided some answers.

NIOSH Center of Excellence Comes to California at UC San Francisco

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has established a California base for its Total Worker Health initiative. Controversy abounds. Click here to see where it is and what it’s all about.

Falls Have Big Consequences

Falls are one of the most common – and deadly – workplace accident. Here are some investigations completed by Cal/OSHA on 2020 falls, and what we can learn from them.

Latest Cal/OSHA Settlements

Here are the latest major cases settled between Cal/OSHA and employers, including fatalities and serious injuries.

OSH Bills to Governor’s Desk

Four bills – two controversial, two not – with implications for occupational safety and health have reached the governor's desk. Here are the ones that made the cut.

Harwood Grants on Infectious Disease

Two California organizations are among 37 nationwide receiving training grants from Fed-OSHA. Here’s who they are and what they plan to do with the grants.

Supreme Court’s Retort on Safety Tort

After a contractor’s employee suffers severe injuries in an arc flash incident, he successfully sues the telecom com-pany. But California’s high court has a lot to say and overturns the case.

Here’s the Latest Version of Video Hearings Rules

The Cal/OSHA Appeals Board is working to formalize procedures for holding appeal hearings by video. Here’s the latest version of the regulation and what happens next.

Workplace Fatality Update

In the first two weeks of September, California saw two dozen workplace fatalities, the majority of them from COVID.

Heat Illness on the Farm

A new study shows that California farm employers are complying with Cal/OSHA’s heat illness prevention regula-tion. But how far does compliance go toward keeping farmworkers safe?

Standards Board to Restart In-Person Meetings

After 1-1/2 years of teleconference-only meetings, Cal/OSHA’s rulemaking body is moving back to physical loca-tions – but with teleconferencing still an option.

Fatalities: Citations and Lessons Learned

The results of a number of Cal/OSHA fatality investigations are in, and here’s what the agency alleges against a number of employers in workplace incidents.

Workplace Fatality Update

The last week in August saw 19 work-related deaths, including 15 from COVID. Here’s the latest.

Guilty Pleas in Cal/OSHA Bribery Case

A DOSH district manager and an attorney plead out in a case involving bribery to reduce penalties in Cal/OSHA cases. Here are the sentences handed down, and the questions this case raises.

Diabetes, Depression, and Employees

A NIOSH study shows that employees with diabetes have an almost one-third higher prevalence of depression. What does this mean for the workplace and how should employers address it?
Legislative Update

Status of OSH Bills

Several significant pieces of legislation are heading toward the finish line in the California Legislature. Click here to find out what they are and which ones have gotten significant amendments.

Workplace Fatality Update

This week’s incidents include 10 COVID cases and six other workplace deaths.

Wildfire Smoke More Hazardous than Other Pollution

Smoky skies can lead to health effects among employees. A new study show just how unhealthy wildfire smoke can be. Here's what employers need to know as California's wildfire season continues into fall.

Appeal’s Court Rules in Fatality Case

After an employee is killed while helping fight a fire, an employer is prosecuted for failing to have workers' comp insurance and other charges. But the employer says that was wrong – the deceased man was not an employee. Here's how an appeal court ruled in this case.

Indoor Heat Illness Standard Status

While an employee faces stifling conditions in an office, stakeholders wonder where California's stalled-for-five-years indoor heat illness prevention standard is. Here is the insider story and some of its requirements. Premium subscribers can get this story by clicking here…

Workplace Fatality Update

There are 17 new workplace fatalities under investigation by Cal/OSHA – and all of them are from COVID. Here's the latest update.

More Coming on COVID ETS

Revise, retire or make permanent. Those are the choices the Cal/OSHA Standards Board faces on the nine-month-old COVID emergency standard. And the Board has to choose quickly. Here's what the industry thinks and why.
Moderna vs Pfizer – Startling Results…

Mayo Clinic Study On Vaccine Effectiveness –– One Appears Markedly Better

When the Mayo Clinic and a partner studied the actual clinical results of messenger RNA vaccines for COVID this year, it found very different results between the two vaccines. Which one is the better choice? Premium subscribers can find our right here.