The Lead Cast is Set

Cal/OSHA has finally had its vote on sweeping revisions to its lead standards. Now employers have only months to figure out how to comply with the very complicated changes.

Walking / Working Surfaces Committee

Many common workplace surfaces can be the sources of dangerous – or fatal – falls. Here’s what Cal/OSHA is doing to address these hazards at the behest of Fed-OSHA and how you can get involved.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest fatal workplace incidents from around California from recent weeks.

Public Hearing: Fit Test Update

Under a Cal/OSHA proposal based on a federal requirement, employers would have new alternatives for respirator fit-testing exercises.

Is Narcan Coming to First-Aid Kits?

Opioid overdoses are a vexing problem in the workplace. Two new proposals would require employers to keep a life-saving drug in their first-aid kits.

Newest Cal/OSHA Partners in Safety

Here are the latest participants in Cal/OSHA’s Golden Gate Partnership program, one of several forms of Cal/OSHA safety recognition.

A Safety Program a Cut Above

Ontario’s Wieland Metal Services sharpens its safety program with Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program certification. Here’s how the facility protects its workers.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest fatal workplace incidents from around California during late January and early February.

CEA’s Excellence in Safety

Here are the 57 contractors honored for stellar safety in 2023 by the Construction Employers’ Association.

A Storm for the Books

When major storms hit, first responders, utility workers, and contractors swing into action to restore power and keep things open. This week’s superstorm had the whole state working overtime.

Gary Warth, Our New Guy

Gary is an addition to our editorial staff and comes to us from the San Diego Union.

Cal/OSHA Employer Recognition

Along with its enforcement duties, Cal/OSHA also recognizes employers for their safety efforts. Here are the programs it sponsors and the latest recipients of that recognition.

Controversy as Lead Vote Looms

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board will take a long-anticipated vote on controversial revisions to the Title 8 lead standards. There will be lots of contentious discussions before the vote happens, though. Here are the issues.

Tragic Incident Spurs Emergency Petition

A renewable fuels plant in Martinez suffers a loss of containment, and an employee is severely injured. Did Cal/OSHA allow the plant to exempt itself from the state’s stringent process safety management regulation? That’s what a union says in petitioning the agency for changes.
Timeliness a common issue in 2023’s DARs

Avoiding the Late Appeal Blues

Most Cal/OSHA Appeals Board Decisions After Reconsideration involve late appeals – and the Board rejects the vast majority. Read how employers get tripped up and how to avoid those often costly mistakes. Click here...

Fatality Cases Resolved

Cal/OSHA cited these four employers after employees were killed on the job. Here's what hap-pened when these cases went to settlement talks.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest fatal workplace incidents from around California in recent days.

Fed-OSHA Playing Hardball on Fall Protection

California constructors insist that Cal/OSHA’s fall protection rules for residential construction are equivalent – or better than federal requirements. But FedOSHA disagrees and will not budge from its stance. Here’s the latest about the continuing drama.

DIR Names Acting Chief

With the sudden resignation of Jeff Killip, Cal/OSHA has an interim chief. Here’s the latest on this development and the search for a new chief.

Freyman Remains at Appeals Board

A longtime member of the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board will serve another term at the quasi-judicial body.

Time to Sharpen Your 300A Game

The beginning of February begins a three-month period during which employers must post their summaries of inju-ries and illnesses for 2023. Here’s what you need to know and the accompanying forms.

Crane Kerfuffle Committee Authorized

Two Operating Engineers locals disagree on a petition to revise rules on how crane operators recertify. Now they will hash out this kerfuffle in a Cal/OSHA committee.

Workplace Violence Enforcement

In a little over six months, Cal/OSHA will begin enforcing a new law on workplace violence pre-vention directly from the Labor Code. Here is the good and bad of SB 553, and what workplace experts say are the areas requiring the most attention.

Cal/OSHA Dollars Cut in Guv’s Budget

With the state facing a huge budget shortfall, and the governor increasing minimum wages for hospital employees and now determined to provide health insurance for illegal aliens, Cal/OSHA’s budget gets cuts. And the Department of Industrial Relations seeks new funding through budget revisions or various projects. Here are the details …

OSH Fund Assessments Up

The state funding mechanism for Cal/OSHA is increasing 11% for the new fiscal year, and so are employer assessments. Here are the details.


Cal/OSHA’s COVID regulation isn’t changing, but public health recommendations on the virus are. Here’s what the Division of Occupational Safety and Health says employers should pay attention to.

CEA Safety Awards, Part 1

The Construction Employers’ Association honors its top safety performers for 2023 – and there’s more to come.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the fatal workplace incidents in California from the first week of 2024.

Cal/OSHA Penalty Increases for 2024

Federal law requires federal and state agencies to adjust their penalty schedules to keep up with inflation. Here is how much Cal/OSHA penalties are going up in 2024.

Top Stories of 2023

As Cal-OSHA Reporter enters its 51st year, here’s a look back at the major stories of 2023 from the pages of Cal-OSHA Reporter.

Indoor Heat Reg Moves Closer

As it moves closer to adopting a standard protecting employees from indoor heat hazards, Cal/OSHA has made an-other revision to its proposal. Farmers are objecting to the whole thing. Here is the change and how – and for how long you have to weigh in on it.

In Case You Were Wondering …

Here’s why the Cal/OSHA Standards Board posted a meeting notice but says the public need not attend.

Did California Work Fatalities Rise 9%?

California’s Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries unit reports more than 500 workplace fatalities for 2022. But Cal-OSHA Reporter Analysis shows the data is flawed and presents a false conclusion. Premium subscribers can get the real story and data by clicking here ….

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the fatal California workplace incidents that closed out 2023.

‘This Is Not Your Father’s Silica’

Cal/OSHA has adopted the silica emergency temporary standard, as silicosis cases continue to come to light in the engineered stone industry. But what does the agency have in mind for the permanent version of the revisions?