Parker: AB 685 Provides Adequate Enforcement Tools

Cal/OSHA is simultaneously trying to get a handle on the COVID crisis and rebuild its ranks. It addressed both issues before a state Senate panel, including whether it needs even more authority.

BOI Referrals Down

Prosecutorial referrals from Cal/OSHA reached a low in 2019, largely due to resource issues. Here are the cases that made it to the district attorney level.

Fatality Update: Four Falls, More COVID

The latest workplace fatality tally includes multiple COVID deaths at two California sites.

Cal/OSHA’s Retort to Feds on Diving

Fed-OSHA says portions of Cal/OSHA's proposed regulations on technical diving aren't equal to federal standards. But the Standards Board has pushed back. Here's why, and what happens next.

Why Newsom Vetoed Home Domestics Bill

SB 1257 would have extended Cal/OSHA protection to household domestic employees. But the governor says that would have been a step too far.

‘Crush Protection’ An ATV Advance?

All-terrain vehicles are a handy tool, especially on farms, but can easily overturn, endangering employees. A new study identifies new devices that provide protection. But how effective are they?

Settlements in Fatality Cases

When employees are killed, Cal/OSHA cites employers. Here are the results of five workplace fatality cases investigated by the agency.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest in Cal/OSHA investigations, including 14 more workplace-related COVID fatalities.

Cal/OSHA: Options on Respirators

Employers have complained that they can't comply with the respirator requirements of the emergency wildfire smoke protection regulation. Cal/OSHA has come up some alternatives – but with hoops to jump through.
Legislative Update

Emergency COVID Bill Now Law for Ag

Here's what – starting now – a new law will require regarding agricultural employees and COVID awareness. Plus, why the governor vetoed a bill on emergency medical personnel.

Teen Safety a Continuing Issue

Although safety metrics are improving overall, teen employees still have the highest injury and illness rates. Here's what one expert thinks needs to be done.

11 Harwood Grantees in California

Here are the Golden State recipients of Fed-OSHA safety and health training grants.

COVID Considerations: Performance Vs. Prescriptive

After weeks of cites related to the pandemic including some of the largest proposed penalties on record, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board has decided to work on emergency regulations regarding COVID protections. The irony of huge penalties already issued was missed. Here's what stakeholders urged the agency to avoid in crafting it. Will it make any difference or even happen before the COVID crisis is over? Premium Subscribers can find out here …

AB 685: What Happens Next?

At the first of the year, a new law takes effect requiring employers to notify employees and others about COVID infections and exposures, and giving Cal/OSHA enhanced enforcement power. But are amendments coming on employer objections?

Water District Raises the VPP Flag a Little Higher

Eastern Municipal Water District celebrates more than 20 years in the Cal/OSHA VPP program, but continues to strive for improvement.