Cal/OSHA Employees Get Pay Cuts Even With a Budget Increase

California's workplace safety agency has secure funding thanks to a special program, nevertheless employees face pay cuts. Here is the budget news.

Appeal Deadline Extension Explained

Here's how the governor's executive order extending Cal/OSHA deadlines works.

Petition to Protect Transit Crews

Two transportation unions ask Cal/OSHA to mandate emergency protections for railroad and transit employees from the COVID-19 threat.

Employers Cited in Fatalities

Here's what Cal/OSHA has to say about several 2019 incidents in which employees were killed, and the potential penalties the employers face.

Inspection Under A Warrant

When a Sacramento Valley employer got a call from his foreman that a Cal/OSHA inspector was in his lobby and wanted to do a wall-to-wall inspection, the owner was taken aback and wanted to know why them? That prompted Cal/OSHA to get a warrant to inspect. Was this a good idea on the employer's part? Here's the story.

Cal/OSHA Deadlines Extended

DOSH will have extra time to issue citations, but employers also will have more time to file appeals under a new state executive order.

Make Buildings Safe to Reopen

As California starts to reopen from the coronavirus shutdown, building owners, employers and safety professionals must make sure structures are safe to reenter. Here are the main threats.

Wildfire Smoke Temp Rules

The latest iteration of an emergency regulation to protect outdoor workers during the fire season has been approved. Here's when it becomes effective and what happens after it expires.

Latest Workplace Fatality Investigations

Here are the latest incidents Cal/OSHA is probing, including two new work-related COVID fatalities.

Cal/OSHA PSM Fix: May the 4th Be With You

From a state office far, far away (well, Sacramento), revisions to a hazardous chemical list in Cal/OSHA's Process Safety Management regulation take effect. Click here to get the details.

Construction Comes Back Safely

COVID restrictions – some of the toughest in the country – are being eased in the San Francisco area, including the critical construction industry. Here's how it's being safely reintroduced.

Settlements in Fatality Cases

Here's what happened in several cases cited by Cal/OSHA following employee deaths.

More COVID Deaths Investigated

More suspected workplace fatalities from the coronavirus are among the incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA.

Fed-OSHA Relaxes Enforcement – Will Cal/OSHA ?

The Federal OSHA is giving its inspectors “discretion” to forego citations in certain instances. What about California’s Cal/OSHA?

Cal/OSHA COVID Guidelines for Construction

One day all of construction will get back to work. But the coronavirus threat will remain for some time. Here's what Cal/OSHA recommends to help keep worksites safe.