Broadening the Flash Report…

Judge: Amazon Injunction Unnecessary

After an employee files suit against Amazon's San Francisco grocery fulfillment center, a judge outlines why he nixed a preliminary injunction to force COVID-19 precautions.

Wildfire Smoke Regulation Revisions

The Standards Board has made changes to its “permanent” version of the wildfire smoke protection regulation. Here are the changes, how you can weigh in on the, and what happens next.

Workplace Fatality Update

This week's report includes 25 deaths from confirmed or suspected COVID cases.

Settlements in Fatality Cases

Here's what happened when Cal/OSHA and employers got together and came to agreement in several serious-incident cases.

Is COVID-19 Recordability Not a Function of Positive Testing?

California employers are up in arms and angry that the Cal/OSHA’s guidance about when and how to record cases of COVID-19 – report even if there is not a positive test - runs counter to federal guidelines. They say the state has little leeway but to comport to the Feds. Workers’ Comp claims require a positive test. Here's what this latest controversy is all about.

Appeals Board Goes to Video Hearings

Cal/OSHA's quasi-judicial body meets 21st-century technology as the pandemic makes in-person hearings impossible.

The Costs of Fatal Mistakes

Rookie mistakes and inattention to detail cost employees their lives on a regular basis. Here are the results of some recent Cal/OSHA workplace fatality investigations and what they teach us.

Workplace Fatality Update

Cal/OSHA's latest fatality toll includes almost a score of COVID-related deaths. Here's the latest report.

Is the Attorney General’s Ag Query A Cause for Worry?

A letter to agricultural employers from California's Attorney General seeking detail information on their COVID-19 protections is causing furrowed brows throughout the industry.

New Petition: Rebar Cage Internal Bracing

A construction company says new techniques can provide greater safety for columns made of reinforcing steel. Here's how it works and what it wants Cal/OSHA to do.

Overexertion & Falls Lead Safety Index

Liberty Mutuals annual Safety Index lists the most disabling workplace injuries – and some staggering cost estimates.

Construction Workers: Risky Behavior

An extensive NIOSH study suggests that several behaviors that contribute to health risks are more prevalent in construction workers. And is there a link between such behaviors and on-the-job injuries?

Employer Gets Privette Pass in Wrongful Death Claim In Southern California Case

A company hires an outside contractor to change tires on an industrial truck. The contractor's employee is killed while performing the task. Find out why the courts say the company isn’t liable for negligence.

Could PSM Petition Head Off Suits?

An oil industry trade group is suing Cal/OSHA to force changes to the Process Safety Management regulation. But it also is petitioning the Standards Board for revisions. What gives?

Parker Walks Through Senate Rules

The new chief of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health is one step away from official confirmation.