Employers Respond to Valero Citations

After four employers are cited in a workplace death – to the tune of more than $1.5 million – the employers are starting to speak out about the Cal/OSHA action. Here’s what they have to say.

San Diego Seeks to Tackle Safety Problems

California’s southern metropolis is bleeding money from safety incidents, both in direct and indirect costs. A recent audit points out where the system is falling short and makes recommendations. Here are the findings and how the city is responding.
Stories Behind the Settlements

A Sad Ending to a Sad Story

Among the latest settlements between Cal/OSHA and employers in citation cases is Segundo Collazos, whose sometime employee and friend was killed in 2018 accident with a stump grinder. Now the case is over, but that doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest fatal incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA

Million Dollar Penalties in VPP Refinery Death

A faulty welding torch and a failure to communicate leads to a fatality at a Northern California refinery. Here’s what Cal/OSHA says happened.

Fatalities: Citations and Lessons Learned

Following investigations into 2021 fatalities, Cal/OSHA has cited these employers. Here are the lessons these incidents provide.

CEA Celebrates Safety

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the Construction Employers’ Association gathers in person to fete members who keep their workplace safe – and healthy.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA from recent days.

Apprenticeship: The ‘Best-Kept Secret’

Apprenticeships are an increasing part of the way California prepares young people for good-paying careers. At the University of Iron in Benicia, it also prepares them to stay safe on the job.

OAL Approves Variance Fix

Cal/OSHA’s variance process meets the electronic age with a paperless application system. Click here to find out how it works and when the new rule takes effect.

Firemen PPE Committees Start Soon

There is unfinished business following Cal/OSHA’s update to the firefighter personal protective equipment stand-ard. Here are the remaining issues and when work begins on further regulatory action.

Standards Board Rejects Employers’ COVID Plan — But Is There Hope?

A proposal to tie COVID regulation to CDPH guidance, governor’s emergency action and the Injury and Illness Prevention Program gets a vote before the Cal/OSHA Standards Board. What was the verdict?

Normal Consumption ETS

While Cal/OSHA works on a permanent standard specifying what this term means relative to hospital supplies of personal protective equipment, it will readopt an existing emergency standard. Here’s what it’s all about.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA.

Firefighter PPE Update Adopted

It took Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board almost eight years to adopt a legislatively mandated update to personal protec-tive equipment requirements for California’s firefighters? But there are still remaining issues? Here’s how it all shakes out. Click here.

Feds May Revoke Arizona’s State Plan Status

Fed-OSHA says it has had enough with Arizona’s approach to regulating occupational safety and health. The state has a different take. Here’s what the kerfuffle is all about.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest fatal incidents Cal/OSHA is investigating.

First Aid for First Aid Proposal?

It’s taken more than 15 years for Cal/OSHA to even get a proposal to update its regulations on first-aid kits to a public hearing. Stakeholders at that hearing say the proposal needs some mending.

Keeping Your Finger on Hazardous Energy Control

Amputations are a continual problem in many California industries. Here’s how to prevent such incidents through proper guarding, and lockout/tagout.

How Leading Indicators Can Prevent Fatalities and Serious Injuries

Recordable injury rates have more rapidly decreased than work-related fatalities. Here’s how organizations use lead-ing indicators to prevent so-called SIFs – serious injuries and fatalities.

Hospitals: Normalize ‘Normal Consumption’

An emergency regulation is due to become a permanent rule on personal protective equipment for hospital personnel. Here is the proposal and how you can weigh in on it.

Workplace Fatality Update

There is one new workplace death in California from recent days, and an upcoming remembrance for those who previously lost their lives.

‘Equitable Tolling’ Now Part of Cal/OSHA Appeals Process

By: Rick Waldinger, Decisions and Digest Editor
A legal principle newly applied to Cal/OSHA cases could be a lifeline for employer appeals. But how significant is it?

Report: Amazon an Injury Machine

An “obsession with speed” – and profits – has fueled a dramatic rise in injuries at Amazon facilities, a union-commissioned report asserts, based on injury and illness data by the warehousing giant.

Serious Cases Settled

Cal/OSHA’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health and employers have settled a number of fatality and seri-ous injury cases. Here’s how things came out after the two sides sat down.

Workplace Fatality Update

Two more deaths in California..

Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-Bys

A persistent safety problem is the focus of an awareness campaign happening soon. Click here to get information and materials on keeping employees safe.

Standards Board – In Person Again

Two years of teleconference-only are about to end as Cal/OSHA’s rulemaking body meets in Oakland. Here are the details.

Cal/OSHA Inspection Stats

How did the pandemic affect Cal/OSHA’s inspection performance and violations cited in the first half of 2021? Here are the latest statistics.
Are Legislators Running Wild in the Aisles…?

Legislative Update

Here is the status of California legislation affecting occupational safety and health, including potential new rules on heat illness and wildfire smoke, firearms in movie production and Cal/OSHA’s involvement in labor trafficking.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA.

Meet the New Chief

With deep legal, public health and occupational safety and health experience, Jeff Killip takes over a high-profile agency with big challenges as the new chief of Cal/OSHA’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Here’s what he says about the future.

Feds Propose New E-recordkeeping Rules

OSHA is taking another swing at expanded electronic submission of injury and illness records. Here’s what it pro-poses, what it could mean for California and how you can weigh in on the potential revisions.

Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations – 2021

Which safety orders did Cal/OSHA cite most often last year, and which were appealed the most? And how did COVID affect it all? Click here to see the latest lists.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest incidents under investigation by Cal/OSHA.