No Level of Pot Use Acceptable for ‘Safety Sensitive’ Workers

Marijuana is legal in California, but does it fit in the workplace? Studies prove there are significant dangers to employers and fellow employees. Get the facts here…

VPP Subcontractor Recertified

Valero contractor D2 Industrial keeps shining its VPP star with continuous improvement and a dedicated workforce.

Another Fatal Fall

Among the latest fatalities Cal/OSHA is investigating is a tragic incident involving a fast-moving car, a cat and an unfortunate tree worker.

A High-Wire Act Ensures Safety on Bridge Project

Granite Construction encountered a host of hazards on a public works project in Santa Barbara. The company's approach kept workers and the community safe, garnering honors. Here's how the company did it.

A Smoky Replay Up and Down the State

By: Kevin Thompson
Once again, California cities and towns are threatened by wildfires. But with new Cal/OSHA rules in place, are workers better protected?