Infection Control Training for Dental Assistants Lagging?

Dental assistants can undergo either formal or on-the-job training. But two associations representing this class of employees say the OJT version isn't happening quickly enough. Hear what they have petitioned Cal/OSHA to do about it.

Construction Hoists Issues Rising

One issue has been resolved regarding Cal/OSHA regulations on construction personnel hoists, but several remain. Now the Standards Board has authorized advisory committee discussions to resolve the contentious items.
Legislative Update

Business Killing Legislation Closer

Three significant bills, all by Democrats, are winding their way through the California legislature. Maria Elena Du-razo's bill to put household domestics under Cal/OSHA jurisdiction; Lena Gonzales’ which gives Cal/OSHA authority to cite from the labor code; and Connie Leyva’s which exempts Cal/OSHA regs from economic impact analysis. All are business killers. Here premium subscribers can find the status of each of these important bills related to California occupational safety and health.

Settlements: Whoppers, Fatalities and Strikeouts

The latest Cal/OSHA cases that were resolved in the settlement process involve a restaurant chain facing huge failure-to-abate penalties, three fatality cases, and other investigations – including one involving Major League Baseball.

Workplace Fatality Update

The latest workplace deaths under investigation include 15 incidents, but only one possible COVID case. But many of the cases are of unknown origins.

Here’s How Cal/OSHA’s COVID Citations Have Worked Out So Far

Of the 230 cases brought against employers for alleged COVID violations so far, about 17% have settled and are final. Here's how they resolved, and a good look at some of the big cases coming up.

Federal Safety Grants Available

Fed-OSHA is making its traditional Susan Harwood Training Grants available, and stimulus money is funding infectious disease training. Here's how to apply.

OSH Legislation Advancing

With the state legislature about to take its summer recess, here are the occupational safety and health-related bills that have made the cut so far, and what happens next.

Petition Revives Cal/OSHA Tuberculosis Controversy

Health officers were turned back by the Standards Board in 2017 when they sought to have a requirement for healthcare tuberculosis testing removed. But a new petition says updated guidelines make the case for removal.

Workplace Fatality Update

No new COVID fatalities, but there are plenty of other incidents for Cal/OSHA to investigate in recent weeks.
A Saga That Should Come to an End…

Next Steps on the COVID ETS

Three Cal/OSHA Standards Board members are tasked with looking at what should happen with the controversial COVID regulation. Here's what they've come up with for an agenda.

Cal/OSHA Nixes Ag Lighting Petition

An Indiana company wanted Cal/OSHA to set lighting requirements for agricultural restrooms. Guess what? It sells lighting for portable loos. Here's why the Standards Board turned out the light on this idea.

A Future for Appeals Board Video Hearings?

Conducting appeal hearings via videoconference was a necessity due to the pandemic. Now that the state has reopened, what place do these hearings have at the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board? And what do stakeholders think about them?

Workplace Fatality Update

For the first time in quite a while, Cal/OSHA's weekly fatality report does not list any workplace-related COVID fatalities.
Reality Begins Its Return…

Cal/OSHA – Masks Finally Come Off

The workplace masks are coming off indoors, as the Cal/OSHA Standards Board votes on an emergency standard version that actually sticks. Here are the changes.