Employers Cited in Recent Fatalities

Here are some of the most significant of dozens of citation packages issued by Cal/OSHA after fatality investiga-tions this year.

A First for Cal-OSHA Reporter

This publication reports the news and tries to stay out of the political melee. But in a filing to the Office of Administrative Law, Cal-OSHA Reporter explains why it opposes the recently COVID emergency regulation.

Safety Variances Addressed

Standards Board safety variances are few and far between in a landscape dominated by elevator issues. Here are two the board just voted on related to construction personnel hoists and tunnel gas protection.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the most recent fatality investigations begun by Cal/OSHA, including new COVID cases.

Standards Board Approves Controversial COVID Emergency Rules

Despite employer opposition, Cal/OSHA's Standards Board unanimously votes for an emergency regulation on COVID in the workplace. Why will it be impossible for employers to comply/ Is it even constitutional? Here's the regulation and what stakeholders have to say about it.

Settlement in Legionnaire’s Case

Disneyland strenuously objected when Cal/OSHA pinpointed an outbreak of this potentially deadly disease to cooling towers at the famed park. Now the company has accepted the agency's citations and penalties.

More Action on Construction Hoists?

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board has some unfinished business regarding construction personnel hoists, and stake-holders say its time to bring those issues to the fore. Here's what they are all about.

Cal/OSHA Inspections Stats

While Division of Occupational Safety and Health inspections and citations were down in the first quarter of this year, one increased trend portends higher metrics the rest of the year. Here are the latest stats.
Here are the numbers …

COVID Workers’ Comp Statistics

Updated claims data is out for cases related to the COVID-19 pandemic. How are the different industries re-sponding? Get the details here.

First Peek at COVID Emergency Rule

Cal/OSHA is expected to release its draft emergency standard on COVID in the workplace. Here's a first look at what the agency likely has in mind.

California Injuries and Illnesses Up in 2019

Bucking a national trend, workplace incidents rose in California last year, outpacing an em-ployment trend. Here are the just-released statistics from the state.

Workplace Fatality Update

Here are the latest incident under investigation by Cal/OSHA, including new COVID cases.

Federal Court Rejects Venue Shopping in Cal/OSHA Case

After Cal/OSHA cites an employer after one of its employees was serious injured in Salinas and the citations stuck, the company took the case to Texas. Here's why a federal appeals court rejected the move.

Settlements Decide Accident Cases

Here are the results of a number of serious accident cases Cal/OSHA brought against employers. How did they fare when settlement talks concluded. Click here to find out.
How To Determine Potential Exposure…

CDPH Warns on Valley Fever

California health authorities are continuing an education campaign to alert employers and employees on the danger of the soil-borne disease. Here is what you should know to avoid the spores.