Flash: Governor Names New Appeals Board Member

Veteran labor representative Marvin Kropke named to quasi-judicial board after criticism leveled on slow pace of appointments.

Flash: Cal/OSHA Cites LA for Filthy Hazardous Conditions

On the heels of citations against the police and general services departments for deplorable conditions, DOSH cites Los Angeles again after an employee is exposed to illness.

Flash: New Cal/OSHA Chief

After months of a leadership vacuum at the Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Here’s the new Cal/OSHA Chief.

Flash: Wildfire Smoke Emergency Rule Adopted

Cal/OSHA's rulemaking board approves protections for workers exposed to smoke during fire season. But the work is only just beginning.


By: Workers' Comp Executive
In exclusive interviews and written communications with Workers’ Comp Executive former DIR Director Christine Baker responds directly to the State Auditor’s recent critical report. Baker, in her own inimitable fashion goes directly to the relevant points. This story can’t be found anywhere else – and we include links to the full text of the Auditors report, Baker’s full and unedited statement to the Executive and even an email she sent to California’s labor and management leaders. Read it and learn what the behind-the-scenes back story really is.

Flash: Standards Board Green Lights Emergency Rulemaking on Wildfire Smoke

Instead of a go-slow approach, DOSH will now start work on an emergency rule to protect outdoor workers in California's increasingly long wildfire season.

Flash: Huge Unusual Settlement in Explosion Case

Huge and unusually creative settlement in ExxonMobil Refinery fire. Click here.

Flash: Ninth Circuit Kicks Applied Underwriters’ Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

The verdict is in and the Ninth Circuit backed the little guy in a fight brought by Applied Underwriters and its parent Berkshire Hathaway. Get the full details by clicking here.

Flash: 2019 OSH Fund Assessment

The Government wants more of your money, here one place it is going to get it.

Flash: Cal/OSHA Issues Emergency Regulation on Recordkeeping

Stakeholders taken surprise by DOSH move on electronic submissions.