Flash: Huge Cal/OSHA Penalties in VPP Confined Space Fatality

Four employers face millions in penalties after a contractor’s employee dies from gas exposure. What happened and who are the employers? Click here to find out.

Flash: California Extends COVID Rules

Cal/OSHA readopts a slightly slimmed-down version of its controversial COVID regulation. What’s in it? How long will it last? And what happens next? Click here

Flash: New ETS Language Posted

Here’s how revisions to Cal/OSHA’s COVID emergency regulation look like, ahead of an April 21st vote by the Standards Board.

Flash: New Cal/OSHA Chief Named

California looks to the Northwest for new leadership at the Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Here’s the new chief.

Flash: Biden Withdraws COVID Vaccine Rule

U S Supreme Court ruling spelled the end of the ETS, but there is more to come?
California Business Must Comply with Cal/OSHA ETS …

Flash: SPECIAL REPORT: Two Rulings Two Jurisdictions Two Results

This is the wrap up of the recent COVID cases in the Supreme Court and in California.

Flash: Feds Suspend COVID Vaccine Rule

Fed-OSHA halts implementation and enforcement of controversial Covid vaccination rules.

Flash: Vaccine Mandate & Executive Order Spur Litigation

By: Mark Webb
Multiple legal challenges all over the country have been filed against Fed-OSHA’s vaccine Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) and the president’s executive order mandating corporations police employee behavior. Columnist Mark Webb digs in and explain the legal and technical issues. Click Here to learn about it. It’s clear content provided as a public service.

Flash: New Ideas for California COVID Regulations

While Cal/OSHA pushes the pause button on its adoption of federal COVID vaccination rules, an industry group petitions for a new way of regulating in the COVID era.

Flash: Fed-OSHA Issues Vaccine Mandate - Employers Get Choice

Federal requirements for employers with at least 100 employees take effect soon. The development raises big questions for California.