Flash: California Labor Secretary Joining Biden Administration

Less than two years after becoming California’s secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Julie Su is moving on to the number two spot at the US Department of Labor.

Flash: Huge Penalties For One California Government Agency

Cal/OSHA has cited and is seeking more than $421,000 in penalties from another California agency. Governmental agencies including cities, counties, special districts and, yes, state agencies are subject to the authority of Cal/OSHA and the Division of Safety and Health. The state says the agency willfully exposed staff to COVID-19. Find out which government agencies are fighting it out. Click here to get the whole story…

Flash: Judge Denies Injunctions on COVID Regulation

Here's how Judge Ethan Schulman rules on the employer lawsuits seeking TRO’s to stop Cal/OSHA's COVID emergency standard.

Flash: Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn COVID Standard

New lawsuit alleges underground regulation and “ruinous consequences” for agricultural employers from emergency temporary standard. Will this be the one to kill the emergency standard?

Flash: Crawford Joins Cal/OSHA Standards Board

The California Governor has finally appointed one new and reappointed two members to the Cal/OSHA Standards Board. The new member fills a long-vacant management seat on Cal/OSHA's rulemaking board. Find out who they are by clicking here.

Flash: Lawsuit filed to Nullify Cal/OSHA Emergency COVID Rule

Seeking an injunction, employers filed a lawsuit saying the new Cal/OSHA emergency standard was promulgated illegally and that it could be “ruinous” to California employers. It comes at the same time as the COVID vaccines are being distributed. Read about it here.

Flash: OAL Approves Emergency COVID Regulation

Here's how the Office of Administrative Law acted on the controversial Cal/OSHA regulation, after a slew of comments by the employer community. Get a copy of the 21 page standard.

Flash: Emergency Regs Do Not Meet Basic Standards

By: Commentary by J Dale Debber
In this commentary the Standards Board is alerted to serious problems with the emergency standard it appears about to pass. Putting a safety standards in an Injury and Illness Prevention Program – IIPP - is not what the authorizing statute intended nor allows. This reg will hamper California safety professionals and business.

Flash: Here Are the Emergency COVID Regs

The Standards Board will vote soon on this extensive set of rules. Here is the proposed regulation and how you can weigh in – but you’d better do it quickly because the vote is just about here.

Flash: Cal/OSHA’s First COVID Cites

Cal/OSHA issues citations to 11 employers for allegedly failing to protect workers from COVID exposures. Here's who they are.