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The employees you want working for you are exactly the kind of people who read Cal-OSHA Reporter. It’s the one-stop place for the best information in the field. When top professionals want the most credible, well-researched, well-reported career enhancing information, they turn to Cal-OSHA Reporter. And when they’re looking for top job opportunities, they find them in our job postings section. Put your message in front of the people who can make the biggest contributions to your organization. Post your job openings in Cal-OSHA Reporter!

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Job Posting FAQ

What is the cost to run a Job Posting?
We charge by word for postings, we would be happy to do a personalized quote just email your job posting to does the job posting appear?
All of our Job Postings appear in the daily News Digest, Cal-OSHA webpage and the weekly Safety Jobs email.

How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards and checks.  We require prepayment for all job postings.

How many people see the postings?
Your job posting will be sent out to over 18,000 safety professionals each day.

Can I include my logo?
Yes, we include logos on the website job posting page.

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