45 COR 40-8052 [¶22,871] POWER TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT, PRIME MOVERS, MACHINES AND MACHINE PARTS – SHAFTING, COLLARS, CLUTCHES, AND COUPLINGS, GUARDING Cal. Code Regs, tit. 8, § 4050(a) (2018) – Employer violated the safety order by failing to guard exposed parts of line located within seven feet of the floor. The ALJ modified the classification of the violation from serious to general. CONTROL OF HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES, HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES AND PROCESSES – PROCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENT OF ACUTELY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, PROCESS SAFETY INFORMATION Cal. Code Regs, tit. 8, § 5189(d)(3)(B) (2018) – The evidence did not support that Employer violated the safety order by failing to document its equipment in accordance with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices. Summary of COSHAB-ALJ’s Decision dated September 18, 2018, Inspection No. 1263546 (Modesto, CA).Read More...

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