49 COR 40-8545 [¶23,178]

INJURY AND ILLNESS PREVENTION PROGRAM (IIPP) – PROCEDURES FOR IDENTIFYING AND EVALUATING WORKPLACE HAZARDS Cal. Code Regs, tit. 8, § 3203(a) (2022) – Employer failed to establish, implement, and maintain an effective IIPP, because it did not effectively implement its procedures for identifying, evaluating, and correcting hazards associated with suspended loads, a general violation. CRANES AND OTHER HOISTING EQUIPMENT – SLINGS, SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES, EMPLOYEES KEPT CLEAR OF LOADS ABOUT TO BE LIFTED AND OF SUSPENDED LOADS Cal. Code Regs, tit. 8, § 5042(a)(9) (2022) – Employer failed to keep an employee clear of a suspended load, a serious, accident-related violation. Employer failed to establish the independent employee action defense.

Summary of COSHAB-ALJ’s Decision dated April 8, 2022, Inspection No. 1300984 (San Diego, CA).


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