45 COR 40-8005 [¶22,830] INJURY AND ILLNESS PREVENTION PROGRAM (IIPP) – CODE OF SAFE PRACTICES (CSP) Cal. Code Regs, tit. 8, § 1509(a) (2018) – The Division established that Employer failed to implement or maintain its IIPP because it did not ensure that employees complied with its CSP. CONSTRUCTION SAFETY ORDERS – FLOOR, ROOF, AND WALL OPENINGS TO BE GUARDED, COVERS Cal. Code Regs, tit. 8, § 1632(b)(3) (2018) – Employer violated the safety order by creating an inadequately guarded roof opening and exposing a subcontractor’s employee to the hazard of falling through it. However, Employer defeated the presumption of a serious violation by demonstrating that it did not know and could not, with reasonable diligence, have known of the violation. Summary of COSHAB-ALJ’s Decision dated May 2, 2018, Inspection No. 1116151 (Long Beach, CA).Read More...

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