Flash Report: Appeals Board Update: Carter Named Chairman

By: Kevin Thompson

Gov. Brown has named Cal/OSH Appeals Board labor representative Art Carter as chairman of the board. The appointment was made March 17 and Carter was sworn in at a board meeting that day.

Former chair Candice Traeger remains on the board as public member. Executive Officer Michael Wimberly says all of the board’s current initiatives, such as a pilot project on videoconferencing of appeal hearings, will continue under Carter’s tenure.

“I’m working fast to bring him up to speed,” Wimberly tells Cal-OSHA Reporter. “We’re excited to have him as chair.”

Today’s edition of Cal-OSHA Reporter reports that Carter’s term ended Jan. 15, but he had been given 45 extra days before he would have to vacate the position. Before yesterday’s development, he would have had to be reappointed by April 1.

Wimberly notes that the latest move is not a reappointment, but a separate appointment. He remains labor representative on the three-person board.



Filed by Kevin Thompson in Petaluma