Flash Report: Cal/OSHA Cites LA for Filthy Hazardous Conditions

Just three months after citing two Los Angeles city departments over squalid conditions that led to employee illness, Cal/OSHA again issued citations after a city attorney developed typhus. Los Angeles has failed to control rats, fleas, roaches, gnats, and other insects within the building.

The attorney, Elizabeth Greenwood, says she contracted the flea-borne disease from exterior passageways at City Hall East in downtown Los Angeles.  The area outside City Hall contains homeless encampments, squalid conditions, human excrement, an intravenous drug culture, and vermin.

A County employee told Cal-OSHA Reporter that conditions around the Courthouse are, at best, third world. He tells Cal-OSHA Reporter while was stopped at a stoplight near the Courthouse a woman walked across the street and having reached the other side simply pulled down her pants and urinated.

Cal/OSHA cited the City Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles Department of General Services (DGS) for a general violation of General Industry Safety Orders §3362. It requires employers to keep work areas, including passageways in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition. Both cited entities are appealing the citations.

In May, DOSH cited the L.A. Police Department and DGS in a similar case. A police officer was infected with the bacteria that causes typhoid fever from unhealthy conditions at the Central Station.

Cal/OSHA continues to respond to complaints from workers in both San Francisco and Sacramento as the state’s sizeable homeless population continues to create human feces laden hazardous conditions for both public and private employees.  In San Francisco, apps are showing the locations of human feces, and in Sacramento businesses are closing because authorities cannot control the filth and drugs.