Flash Report: Correction on Cal/OSHA Manager’s Arrest Story

Last week Cal-OSHA Reporter made a factual mistake.

In June 22’s Flash Report on the arrest of Cal/OSHA Santa Ana District Manager Richard Fazlollahi’s arrest for alleged bribery, we stated that California Department of Justice agents “spent several hours searching the offices of Debra Lee, the deputy chief for field enforcement, and Peter Riley, the regional manager for Region 3, based in Santa Ana.

That information was incorrect, according to Erika Monterroza, the Department of Industrial Relations deputy director for communications. The arrest happened, but the search of Lee’s and Reilly’s offices did not.

“DOJ requested the presence of the highest-ranking person in the office, Debra Lee, while they served the arrest and search warrant,” she tells Cal-OSHA Reporter. “DOSH Regional Manager Peter Riley asked the officers to join him in his office while DOSH staff copied the file(s) DOJ requested as evidence. Riley’s office was not searched, and the officers never visited Lee’s office,” according to Monterroza, who was not present but who is speaking on behalf of the Division. We are taking Monterroza’s word for it.

Both Cal-OSHA Reporter, and I as publisher apologize to Ms. Lee and Mr. Reilly for the error, and especially to the thousands of subscribers who rely upon us for fast and accurate news. I want to make clear to Kevin Thompson’s “zillions” of fans and friends that it was my error, not his. I did what I – in my own time – accuse the Fake news of doing – I didn’t check the facts and depended upon a 3rd party source. For an old guy like me, it was a rookie mistake – although made with the best of honest intentions.

The online version of the original story has been corrected.

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